A simpler solution.

Our founders built a small practice into the largest bankruptcy firm in the nation. As they grew their software did not grow with them. It introduced more problems than solutions. They knew that the technology existed to provide answers, but their requests fell on the deaf ears of companies maintaining the status quo.

A new beginning.

They knew there had to be a better way, so in 2013, Stratus Intelligence was created to challenge the boundaries of legal software and make a very complicated process, easy to manage. We know that work does not stop to let you devote days to learning new software, so our goal is to make an application that is easy for your staff to learn in the short term and shows measurable increases in productivity and growth in the long term.

A desire to grow.

The word "growth" gets thrown around as if it means the same thing to everybody. By working with firms all along the size-spectrum we know that size does not necessarily equate to profitability. Profit grows from being efficient and providing clients a good experience to turn them into paying customers who refer others to you. Growth does not have to be increasing your expenses. We want to help you define your growth.

You deserve better.

Managing your practice can be overwhelming.
Reacquaint yourself with the part of the job you love and leave the hard work to us.