Grow your practice instead
of managing your software.

Our products connect critical steps for your practice, so you can focus on the part of the job you love.

Work anywhere.
Avoid IT headaches.

Stratus Intelligence products are built for the Cloud, so you can optimize your time. Avoid the additional IT costs of buying and managing your own server. With automatic updates and data backup you don’t need to be an expert in IT to have peace of mind.

  • Any browser, any platform, Mac or PC.
  • No installation.
  • No extra fees for hosting.
  • Hassle-free updates & maintenance.

…our office building had an issue with the elevators… Our prospective clients did not want to walk up 14 flights of stairs so we moved our office down into the lobby conference room and connected via Wi-Fi. We would not have been able to do this with our previous software…

- Brett J. Pfeifer, Attorney at Law, Credit Solutions, S.C.

Manage more of your practice
with these Stratus tools.

EZ Docket:

  • PACER court calendars made easy with filters to highlight your firm’s cases.

Increasingly, clients are demanding more ‘value’ in return for their legal spend, and by value they mean greater efficiency, predictability, and cost effectiveness in the delivery of legal services

- 2016 Report on the State of the Legal Market, Georgetown Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession

EZ Docket

Firms need to keep up with their court calendars and research information for the case. Stop wasting staff hours combing over the court calendar and start using them to grow your business.

  • Real-time court calendars from PACER.
  • Filters for area of practice, firm, date, and judge.
  • Calendar and list views to suit your firm’s process.
  • Save your report settings for quick access to common reports.
EZ Docket

How many hours does your
firm spend a week on your
PACER/ECF court calendar?