A smarter way to practice.

    StratusBK has changed the way bankruptcy firms achieve practice management success and simplified the entire process. The Stratus suite has revolutionized the industry with a whole new way to manage your firm. Front and back office tasks are handled in a powerful new engine that is simpler, more efficient, and smarter. At the core of StratusBK is our central engine that drives, accelerates, and governs your firm into the future.

    See how Stratus can help your firm grow

    A single solution with multiple benefits.

    Your Bankruptcy practice requires a way to accurately and efficiently file cases with as little user intervention as possible. In addition, your firm needs a way to better track case notes, tasks, activities, parties, and docketing information.

    • Cases Filed by StratusBK

    • $

      Dollars Saved per Case

    • Minutes Saved per Case

    • $MM

      Dollars Reinvested into Your Law Firms

    New and exciting Stratus features

    • Simplify Due Diligence and case preparation

      Import data directly from credit reports, tax forms, and paychecks.  Save time and financial resources while delivering the best client service.

    • Sync court notifications with case management and calendar

      Utilizing Court View, your firm can automatically synchronize court information with the case management system. Align all information with our docketing system to make the filing processes more efficient and accurate.

    • Integrate market information to provide complete visibility

      With a click of a button, download court filing history to quickly see cases for your firm as well as the competition!  Find out which firms are generating the most cases, where to spend marketing dollars, and who the firm is losing business to and the possible reasons why.

    • Financial Management System

      StratusBK offers an integrated solution for your firm’s accounting requirements. The financial management system offers a case centric ledger of financial activity which includes a management console for controlling bank deposits.  Your firm’s cash flow will improve instantly, ensuring the firm gets paid in full and in a timely manner.

    Early adopter pricing

    firm with 1-5 employees

    $ 50

    / firm / month*

    firm with 6-10 employees

    $ 75

    / firm / month*

    firm with 11-20 employees

    $ 100

    / firm / month*

    Stratus is the solution to boost your firm’s growth

    StratusBK is more than an easy-to-use suite of bankruptcy software tools. It seeks out opportunities for maximizing income and boosting profits. In short, it will help you hit the targets that matter to your firm. While other practices keep doing things the same old way, yours could be opening up new horizons.

    *Prices will never increase more than 10% per year for early adopters.